About Us

Remote Backup Services, a division of Spearhead Multimedia, was created in 1999 due to the lack of a reliable, easy-to-use, inexpensive backup system.  Extensive research was done on with what was available at the time and a software company was chosen.  RBS used licensed services through this company for three years and became dissatisfied with the company given the progression of the technologies in the offsite back up sector.

After more extensive research we chose another company which was very experienced, reliable and cutting edge.  We are consistently on the forefront of the latest technology.  We are proud to be one of the beta test companies.  It gives us a jump on the technologies as well as a feel as to whether it would be a fit for our extensive client base.

Client data is stored in Network Attached, Multi-drive Storage Appliances which are backed up on additional external hard drives.  This leaves a small footprint and makes the base system portable, if, in case of a facility emergency, the equipment requires relocation.  Replication servers handle a secondary instance of the client data also.

The data is encrypted at the client site and sent to our servers.  All stored client data at the facilities are worthless to anyone but the account holder due to the high (128 bit) encryption.

Multiple internet connections round out the network and complete our part of our clients Disaster Recovery Plan.